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 visual field testing reinvented 

 Smart System® VR Headset 

taking vision testing to the next level

The programmable VR Headset with Surface Pro 7 Tablet is powered by the trusted M&S Smart System® software for fast and accurate vision testing. The lightweight, compact and portable Smart System® VR Headset is the newest addition to over 30-years of trusted quality and service from M&S Technologies. Your practice or clinic will greatly benefit from this innovative technology in a variety of settings.

scientific evidence

Download a scientific poster carried out by the University of Iowa with regards to the "Validation of a Novel Head-Mounted Perimeter versus the Humphrey Field Analyzer" (HFA).

speed & efficiency

  • proven testing protocols

  • reduce patient fatigue by providing QuickScreen results in 45 seconds and full threshold test results in under 3 minutes per eye.

reliable results

  • data accuracy thanks to Active Eye Tracking technology continuously monitoring patient fixation

  • test automatically pauses when fixation is lost

patient & practice

  • comfortable design with easy set up

  • audio and visual cues for both technician and patient
  • test without WiFi connection
  • export test results immediately to your EMR

VR Headset Tests Included:

Visual Field

  • Active Eye Tracking monitors and maintains patient fixation on central target
  • 10-2, 24-2, 30-2
  • 45 second QuickScreen; Full test results in under 3 minutes per eye
  • Supra Threshold
  • Ptosis
  • Esterman

Color Vision

Stereo Testing

Contrast Sensitivity

Test the device?

Explore this innovative technology and discover its added value for yourself.

Added Benefits

exportable results

immediately available on the Surface Pro 7 Tablet

progression analysis

keep track of your patients at any time

no internet connection

wifi-independent in rooms without network

audio instructions

multiple languages built into the headset

remote testing

made easy


cushioned and compact design, engineered for patient comfort


test in a fully illuminated room without decreased efficiency


ensures proper eye fixation for greater accuracy